Ismail Abou Zid

Honorary President

H.E.  Ismail Abou Zid
President of the (Green Egypt) political party

Former Representative of the United Nation’s FAO to the Mediterranean Observatory (Italian ministry for foreign affairs) and “TeleFood” goodwill ambassador and special ineciatives Coordinator for the Near East and North Africa.

He also undertook special assignment and represented FAO in a number of International Conferences and bilateral negotiations and participated in the UN & FAO High-Level Delegation in a number of International Forums.

Was commissioned with a number of Special Missions, on the top of which:
receptions of Head of States of the Near East Region attending the World Food Summits in Rome of June 2008 and November 2009.

Commissioned to initiate partnership arrangements with International Institutions, civil societies, professional organizations, business enterprises, commercial firms, celebrities, and imminent personalities able and willing to promote the United Nations’ initiatives; a number of fruitful partnership arrangements have been established.

In the framework of the assignments undertaken as UN diplomat, he visited and/or worked in a large number of countries. During the official missions, he had the honor to meet with a number of Head of States, and public figures, in the countries he visited.

During these missions he, in particular, met and worked with several public figures, renowned persons, celebrities, and influential personalities who helped setting solid grounds of the United Nations, and the FAO TeleFood Programme in the Near East, Africa and Asia Regions.

In Recognition of his various efforts, he was awarded several medals, including Seniority Award for 25 years of diplomatic service with the United Nations.

Participated with working papers, lectures and international press conferences on public and specialized issues, including:

  • Poverty and Hunger Industry on Developing Countries
  • Monopoly of Information and its Impact on Development
  • The Crisis of Official Assistance to Agriculture
  • The Crime of Supporting Farmers in Developed Countries
  • The Importance of Small-Scale projects to the Rural Classes
  • Food For Work: Slavery of the Recipient and Blackmail of the Donor
  • Achieving Food Security at the Times of Crisis
  • Between the Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations, Who is the Beneficial?
  • Media and the Manufacture of International Crises
  • Exiting the Circle of Poverty and Hunger