H.E Dr. Wasif Ahmad Fadel Kabli

Honorable Member

Birth Info : Makkah, 1948

Marital Status : Married

Academic Qualifications :

  • PhD in Philosophy Biography from The Islamic Civilization Open University , Lebanon , 2004
  • BS. In Public Administration from King Abdulaziz University , KSA, 1994


Fluent in English both spoken and written.

Professional Experience:

  • Chairman of the Board of Al Kabli Trade Company. And the owner of all commercial institutions of Al Kabli – ten branches in the Kingdom
  • Chairman of TASDEER SAUDI Company.
  • Chairman of Nedaa Alamal Special Needs Center.
  • Chairman of Jeddah hope Center for the disabled for Boys.
  • Chairman of Jeddah Center for Special Needs for girls.
  • Motawef – and a member of the Foundation of the Arab countries.
  • Work in the trade since 1384 . Became a merchant in Jeddah since 1391
  • Member of the Board of Industrialized Buildings Saudi factories.
  • Advisor ligaments Islamic education in Aden.


  • Chairman of the Cultural Forum , and host it since 1423
  • Chairman of the Hijaz singing and heritage of the year 1423
  • Member of the University of Dar Al-Hekma Canadian Open , Canada
  • Member of the commercial National Committee on Council of Saudi Chambers in Riyadh
  • Member of the Food trade Committee on Jeddah chamber of commerce & industry.
  • Member of the Saudi Society for Food and Nutrition in Riyadh.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Islamic civilization open.
  • Member of The world Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools Of Thought 2006.
  • Vice-President of the Polish Business Council, the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce in Riyadh.
  • Vice- Chairman of the Committee of Commerce Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah.
  • Member of the Reform enmities emanating from The world Forum For Proximity of Islamic Schools Of Thought.
  • Member of the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue (cultural salons) .
  • Member of EBSAR foundation

Conferences and Symposia:

  • Seventeenth International Conference of Islamic unity in of The world Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools Of Thought Republic of Iran.
  • Conference (FORUM scientists Mustafa in Tarim House for Islamic Studies), the Republic of Yemen.
  • International Conference twenty- Islamic unity of The world Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools Of Thought.
  • Annual Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue.
  • International Islamic Conference for Interreligious Dialogue in Makkah 1429.
  • Jeddah Environmental Forum 2008.
  • Saudi Arabia’s First International Forum of Ports and Maritime Transport, 2008.
  • Saudi Arabia’s Consultative Conference of Pakistan, 2008.
  • Russian Conference (Russia and the Islamic world) 2008.
  • International Conference on Islamic moderation, moderation conscious Trim.
  • Hosts many boards periodically in the Biography of the Prophet and chanting and seminars to various directions to reconcile the doctrines, since 1400
  • Made ​​numerous trips, with the aim of research and exploration, in many countries of the world and across different continents by land, sea and air since 1964.

Research and Publications:

  • Do we celebrate? Why we celebrate? Yes we celebrate.
  • Biography of Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him.
  • Biography of Mother of the Believers Khadija may Allah be pleased.
  • Biography of Fatima may Allah be pleased.
  • Biographies of Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib and Abdullah Ibn Abbas, May Allah be pleased.
  • Our marital life.
  • The Forty Kabli.
  • Important messages in prayer.
  • Mother for a Nation, Amna daughter of Wahab , the mother of the greatest prophet.