Michael Tsidemidis

Executive Member


1985 – 1986 MBA in International Business CASS Business School, London UK
1981 – 1982 MSc Civil Engineering (Structures) City University, London UK
1975 – 1980 BSc Civil Engineering Aristotle University Thessaloniki Greece
1968 – 1974 Anatolia College, Thessaloniki, Greece


Flat 4, Eldridge Court, Rouel Road, London SE16 3SN, UK
Mobile: +44 785 364419, e-mail: mt@laytoncrest.com
Date of Birth: 11th July 1956,
Marrital Status: Separated, two adult clildren,


*Operating under Extreme Conditions: Directing a leading company (in Greece, 2010 – 2013), in conditions of wide Financial catastrophe, without bankrupting it (a very demanding period in my career)
*Wide experience in Operating Internationally (working for several years in London and Hong Kong etc.)
*Experienced, in Running different operations, in parallel
* Comfortable into moving smoothly in all levels of Society and Business Community Environments

* Ability to Work as Independent or in a Team
* High Sense of Responsibility & Confidentiality
* Communication and Organizational Skills

*English: Fluent
*Greek: Mother language

(Hamburg – Germany): (an International Organisation, involved in Green Energy International Projects, offering Consultancy, Licensing, Finance. It is represented in many countries and all the important world centres)

Based in Florida – USA and London – UK for Europe. – Led by the United Nations Intl Strategy, for Disaster Risk Redauction (UNISDR)

in co op with Stanley Ross Intl (Luxembourg) SA (Real Estate Fund, investing into high quality properties around the Mediterranean Sea, in locations such as Santorini, Mykonos, Costa Smeralda, South of France etc.) – The Fund will be tax structured and audited in Luxembourg, while the Operating Team, will be set in London UK.

Main duties performed: Searching in locating active and non active quarries; Negotiating the owners, either corporate or State; Producing the necessary Geological Reports; Valuation of the Quarries; Investigating the International Construction Market for particular requirements; Organizing an International Agents’ Network, emphasizing into countries with high construction activity (China, Kazakhstan, the Gulf Countries, the USA, the UK etc.); Agreements with local or International Marble Factories; Overall Business Plan; Locating Investors (Funds or Private); pre IPO process; IPO.

Main duties performed: Meeting and liaising with clients to negotiate and agree on Market’s research parameters; Preparing briefings and commissioning research; Formulating a plan/proposal and presenting it to the client; Briefing interviewers and researchers; Liaising with and managing survey staff; Undertaking ethnographic research (observing social and business environments); Conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys, which may involve field, interview or focus group assessments; Monitoring the progress of research projects; Analyzing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions writing detailed reports and presenting results; Advising clients/senior management on how to best use findings).

Main duties performed: The company was established with the purpose of exploiting the emerging market for electric (and other light) vehicles in the UK and in London in particular; Chinese manufacturers of the vehicles in question were located; after the first imports from China and consequent slow sales, it was resolved that the market was not mature enough and the timing was not favorable; the campaign was postponed for the future.

(Holding – Part Global Owner of the brand Schaub Lorenz, primarily aiming, into Listing, in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, with a valuation of 53 million Euros – (Sold privately in 2011)

Main duties performed: Raising funds for developing and expanding the brand Schaub Lorenz world-wide; Establishing Layton (Lux) SA; Supervising the creation of the company structure; Participating in the process for investors’ awareness; Participating in preparation of documentation for pre-IPO; Attending preparation of public offering prospectus and its approval process; Obtaining ISIN Number over the clear stream, in November 2009, with a company Valuation of 53,000,450 Euros; Participating in investor road show early 2010). The actual listing did not take place, due to reverse Market conditions and Layton (Lux) SA, was sold.

(Consumer Electronics, Imports from China and Distribution in South East Europe and Turkey of the brands Schaub Lorenz, Telefunken and Indesit- currently inactive)

Main duties performed: Responsible the Strategy of the Company, its reviewing and refining and the Business Plan; Creating the ranges of Products, in Brown (TV and Sound) White (fridges, washing machines, cookers), Small Domestic Appliances, Air conditioning etc.; Locating the big international sub Manufacturers worldwide, able to produce the above ranges, in high standard and competitive pricing and entering into Agreements with them; Organizing quality control locally, for the Chinese productions; Entering into annual Agreements with shipping companies for the international transportation – at the peek of the business, over 1,400 x 40″containers were shipped for Laytoncrest, annually; Organizing logistics and inland distribution; Entering into Agreement with 3rd Party Logistics; Organizing After Sales Service, entering into Agreements with sub contractors, in various countries; Locating Banks to finance the business and do the factoring for the Sales; Overviewing the Annual Budget(s) and follow the P&L and the level of Stocks, on a monthly basis; Organizing the Marketing Strategy and overview the Advertising Budget and implementation; Overviewing the Pricing Policy of the company; Leading personally the Business Development and the Sales team, and maintaining good relations especially with the key clients (Media-Saturn, Carrefour,relations especially with the key clients (Media-Saturn, Carrefour, FNAC, Praktiker, Makro etc.); Liaising with officials of government departments and regulatory bodies; Leading, motivating and developing the management team and resolving conflicting priorities; creating and maintaining links with other trade and professional associations, nationally and internationally). Annual Turnover: 28 million Euros, the company being profitable, up to 2011, when the Greek financial crisis started.

(International Marketing and Distributors allocation of Consumer Electronics Products)

Main duties performed: Responsible for driving the growth of revenue and profit margins in South Eastern Europe; Responsible for lease agreements with key Distributors/Clients; Winning business from key target clients; Liaising with key strategic suppliers in China; Motivating and providing strong leadership to all departments; Developing the company’s commercial processes in sales and marketing). Annual T/O: 50 mil Euros. The company is under negotiations to be sold.

(Estate Agents in the area of Fulham and Chelsea in London, UK – Company sold)

Main duties performed: Responsible for the operations regarding residential and commercial properties; Supervision in maintaining and increasing the value of the property; Involved in the financial operations of a property; Ensuring rent is collected and mortgages, taxes, insurance premiums, payroll and other bills are

paid by the appropriate date; Overseeing financial statements that are prepared and regularly reporting the status, leasing date expiration, occupancy rates and other related property information to the property owners; Negotiating contracts for services such as janitorial, security, trash disposal and landscaping; Monitoring contractors’ performances to ensure fulfilment up to the discussed standards.

Main duties performed: Responsible for locating, purchasing, building of realty properties in London; Liaising with Solicitors and Architects; Recognizing potential in available properties for later development, as well as the capacity to secure financing for proposed buildings; Participating into the purchase functions, either private, or through Estate Agents, or through Auctions; Involvement with renewal projects, such as the purchase of neglected properties for development into updated apartment complexes or by repurposing them into a commercial site; Negotiating and arranging finance for the project, (through banks and/or private investors).


 (Int’l Trade of Branded Consumer Electronics)

Main duties performed: Studying the European Markets for branded Consumer Electronics and Electrical Products and realizing the opportunity for exploiting the substantial price differences for same products among various markets; Realizing the need of some chains in certain countries to sell overstocks and a need of other chains in other countries, to be supplied at better prices; Establishing a suppliers’ network, all over Europe; Establishing regular contact with potential buyers in different countries;

Main duties performed: Monitoring trends, prices etc on the market in relation to products, pricing, trends and demand, so that, may both serve as subject matter to clients and make educated trade suggestions; Meeting with other commodity traders to negotiate transactions; Selling on behalf of the clients; Arranging shipments where requested; receive purchase and selling instructions.


Main duties performed: Meeting with clients; Assessing their particular needs; Showing homes to the clients; Explaining building issues and regulations; Responding to queries; Attending meetings with other individuals involved in the sales and building process; Liaising with solicitors; Helping the clients to deal with the intricacies of the contracts; Dealing with issues which have arisen in the new homes; Maintaining good relationships with clients following sales; Promoting properties via different mediums; Reaching and trying to exceed sales targets set by the company; Taking responsibility for a particular geographical area; Trying to build the client base in this area;


Social Contribution 

Member of the Board in PIO – operating under the United Nations Global Compact – (PIO is a Philanthropy International Organization: a global humanitarian organization has the intension to ending world hunger, works to save the lives of malnourished people).

Personal Interests 

History, Geopolitics, Literature, Pre Classic Music, Tennis, Travelling, Socializing